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we offer 3 kind of services, GOOD - CHEAP - FAST

But you are only able to pick 2

Good and Cheap won't be FAST

Fast and Cheap won't be GOOD 

Fast and Good won't be CHEAP 


About Us

With over 40 years of experience, we are #1 in the field of transportation. We guarantee there is no other services like us!
Established in Singapore since 2000. We have more than 40 years experience in freight forwarding, at M.A.N. International Pte Ltd, we don't believe in just delivering your box. We believe in giving our customer the best services money can offer.
Our services at M.A.N. International Pte Ltd
  • 100% Door to Door services
  • On-line tracking 
  • SMS Tracking 
  • Photo delivery 
  • Video Services
  • Safe Delivery
  • Wrapping and sealing
  • No Tipping policy
  • Weekly container 

Rasmiati ( Jalan Membina )

A lot of my friend say MAN International is expensive and keep asking me to use others. I try si, using other but each time I use them, my parents in indonesia always have to pay more money. The driver in Indonesia say it's because my house not near the road. 

So last month I tru using MAN International, ya si, it's a little more expensive, but all my items reach my door safe and my parents don't need to pay more!!!

My parents are in kampo, How to pay more! I call the other company to complain but they say wait wait wait. But never do anything!

Very dissapointed with them. After using MAN International, I will never use them again! Man also give me VIDEO! so long never see my Parents on video 

Thank u MAN

March /2023

Hanifah ( bukit panjang ring road )

Hi All, I'm the employer of Hanifah

I feel it's an appropriate time to share my experience with MAN International

Due to my current job, I've work with many forwarders sending my company goods from Singapore to China, Usa and other parts of the world

What I notice with most if not all of them, they have the same format/template of how the good are send

Without diving into the steps, I notice MAN is very diffrent on they way the work, MAN is a lot more transparent, they are able to tell me step by step on where Hanifah box is.

Onces the box reach Indonesia. I was even notify by SMS on status

What really surprise me was the video of the family members getting her box!

This kind of personal touch and the smile that Hanifah had was something money cannot buy

I encourage all Indonesian to use MAN international and everyone at MAN international to keep up the good work

Nov /2022

Famawati ( Serangoon ave 1 )

I hear about MAN from my friend after I send using other company POX XXX, I send my box in Dec 2021 and until today the box never reach

I so sad, I keep calling them they say the box not lost, say the box still with custom and they are working everyday for the box to be out!

now already June, but until now still tell me same thing over and over again, I make police report they say cannot help me

I think my box already lost but they don't want to pay me back my money and the things I put inside

my freind Siti tell me about MAN, she say MAN never lost her things and got video when reach the house

I try in May and within 3 week, my box really reach my house and my family is happy, I saw the video MAN give me make me VERY happy again. my daughter finally got the gift I buy for her!

To everyone, please becareful who you choose! don't look at price. Look at the service!

June /2022