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With over 40 years of experience, we are #1 in the field of transportation. We guarantee there is no other services like us!
Established in Singapore since 2000. We have more than 40 years experience in freight forwarding, at M.A.N. International Pte Ltd, we don't believe in just delivering your box. We believe in giving our customer the best services money can offer.
We standby our 100% Guaranteed services! 
Our services at M.A.N. International Pte Ltd
  • 100% Door to Door services
  • On-line tracking 
  • SMS Tracking 
  • Photo delivery 
  • Video Services
  • SmartPhone ready ( playstore & Appstore ) 
  • Safe Delivery
  • Wrapping and sealing
  • No Tipping policy
  • Weekly container 

Safety First

All our team, drivers, helpers and office staff have been tested before leaving our warehouse weekly

All drivers appoint delivery of your boxes in Indonesia/Singapore will have a mask on at all times

All boxes and trucks are also disinfected before very trip

This is to ensure transitions of Covid-19 is minimise !

We look forward in serving you better

It Is not about just Door-Door Delivery at M.A.N. International Pte Ltd, it's about giving more value added to ALL our customer

Hi Nxxa, Nxxxxxxs, Jxxxy

Just letting u guys know that ive received my box yesterday and I would like to thank all of you for your help!!

The box arrived to my doorstep with seal intact and in good shape. 

I’ve just unpacked everything and all of my fragile stuff are in good condition with very minimum damage and no breakage at all, thanks to man-intl professional handling + Jxxxy cautious packing

And i want to appreciate man-intl speedy & friendly service attending to my queries since day 1, def gonna recommend to all my friends who may need help too in future 

And the delivery men were polite & both of them wearing mask (sooo many other courier guys werent wearing mask when delivering stuff to my house despite indonesia having the highest covid cases in sea countries) so i do appreciate them for following the guideline during this pandemic
But my dad said they took them off when taking video (i didnt see it myself)

Anyways thats all for this time and u guys awesome!

Thank you,
Nov 2020

Miranda ( Indonesian In Singapore )

Dearest M.A.N. International,

I'm writing to you to appreciate your wonderful service. How very pleased my family was to be able to receive their medications safely. During these difficult times, where no one is allowed to travel around, my father and my aunt could not be more delighted to get their medications from Singapore. Especially because their medications are not available in Indonesia.

They were supposed to have their regular medical appointments and prescriptions here. However, with all the travel restrictions, they can't come to Singapore and obviously I can't go to Indonesia. Just to let you know, my father is a heart-failure survivor and my aunt is still battling her stroke. These medications mean the world to them. Both of them rely on these medications to support their lives. 

With all the travel restrictions, I found it hard to distribute these medications to them. Medications are considered valuable goods and definitely worth more than 3 digits. I honestly can't afford sending them through random untrustworthy platforms, risking them to get lost somewhere nor can I find an economical reliable forwarder that would guarantee the package would be landed safely in my home and my aunt's home - which is not located in a big city.

These past few months, I am extremely grateful that I know you. Your team was very helpful, responsive and well-organised. Three different times I get to send their medications, since they consume it daily. I have to make sure that they won't run out of stock. Those three different times you have never failed me. 

From the bottom of my heart, I want to personally thank Mr. Fareed for his kind hearted and responsible services, carefully assisted me to pack each medication safely inside the box, provided me tips on 'how to make them unshakeable'; the delivery team, Mr. Rodi & Narma who worked tirelessly in making sure that the packages arrived safely; and lastly, to Mr. Nicholas Wu and Mr. Mark Wu for the long lasting friendship and warm generosity anytime I am in need. You guys rock! 

It is without hesitation that I would highly recommend M.A.N. International to everyone. Feel free to contact them for enquiries. I can assure anyone that they would never give up on delivering your goods to your doorstep.All the very best for many more years to come guys! Keep up the good work! 


supriyati (holland Road) 

I was a long time believe of ( company XXX-XXX ) before I used MAN international

One day, while using (comapny XXX-XXX) my items got missing.

I called and asked for somekind of compensation, not only did they just shout me off but also question me if the items was put inside the box

I asked for the photo they promised but they were unable to give me to me due to issues with (company XXX-XXX ) driver

I found MAN international while checking on-line

not only did I speak to an Indonesian but they were very responsible in what they do

My boxes reach to the door-step with Video and SMS

Thank you MAN 

AUG / 2020

Mrs Teo ( Jurong East Street )

This is my first time using M.A.N. International as all along I have been using other company to delivery Kusmiyati's Boxes. somewhere early part of 2020, the other company lost Kusmiyati box. I was very angry as it was her hard earn money and items that I have given to her for her family. When I call on Kusmiyati's behalf, they were very unhelpful and keep asking me to wait. I waited for 2 week and still no answer. I ask to speak to the manager but he was very rude and unapologetic about the whole issue.

they said they have their own team in Indonesia but after finding out deeper into the company it was not true.

I became very careful on who I can trust for Kusmiyati after and found out about M.A.N. International. They are professional and have it's own team in Singapore and Indonesia. I ask for Video and Photo of the family member and I could see it was MAN international doing the delivery in the video and photo. I spoken to Nicholas, who is the manager base in indonesia who was very helpful and transparent.

 From Kusmiyati and myself, Thank you to everyone from MAN International

May / 2020

Mr Tang ( Tanglin Road )

I have used M.A.N. International Pte Ltd for 5 years now, I have change 2 helpers within that time frame. Each time M.A.N. International have proven to send my helpers boxes to the door-step. Due to the Covid-19 escalating, my current helper is not able to go back to her home town.

We decided to help her by sending a box of food, some medication and essential items to her home town

This is a hard time for everyone and we can only do whatever we can to help solve the problem

If anyone is reading this! Trust M.A.N. International Pte Ltd and their team, They have proven time and time again to be the best!

Take care and stay home

1/ April /2020